Software Development


I am foremost an academic Data Scientist, with a strong background in statistics and the statistical language R. I specialize in geospatial data and spatial analytics. I am most proficient in R, Python and SQL (Postgres/PostGIS). I also dabble in JavaScript and full stack web development. I support infrastructure with a calculated use of Git, Docker and Linux.

I have a variety of experience in specific software tasks, including:

Web Crawling/Scraping

PDF Parsing/Scraping


Unit Testing/Continuous Integration

Spatial Data Manipulation/Analysis

Managing Cloud Resources (AWS, GCP, Azure)


Interactive Data Visualization

Typesetting with LaTeX

R Packages

R Package Hex Logos

The initiative of Chris Prener and myself, we are building the tidystl Ecosystem of R packages. This serves both to advance open source methodologies for working with geospatial data, and a means to wrangle the messiest data in the City of St. Louis.

Other Projects

I'm currently building and supporting all of the data infrastructure over at the St. Louis Regional Data Alliance. One of my favorite projects released through the RDA is a crime dashboard for the City of St. Louis. I'm also mapping the use of scooter sharing in St. Louis, innovating on spatial interpolation and visualization methods and creating APIs for access to clean research data.