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I'm a graduate of St. Louis University, with a bachelor's degree in Sociology and GIS. I currently conduct public health research at the Institute for Public Health at Washington University in St. Louis. I am both a passionate academic and a zealous software developer.


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I use big data to analyze social phenomena and investigate public health issues. My substantive research interests are in the social determinants of health, economic sociology, demography, as well as quantitative and spatial methods.

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I have dabbled in every part of the stack from bare metal to browser. I excel at processing huge quantities of complex data including network structures and granular geographies. I develop novel R packages and promote local data efforts. I built my own cloud. From web-scraping to data warehousing, statistical modeling and web development, I am incredibly passionate about solving problems with software.

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If you are interested in my research, have questions, or just want to talk tech, don't hesitate to reach out.